Crime Prevention

Please see general crime prevention advice below:-

  • Access to the garden – lock gates.
  • Fix trellis to the fencing, this will help to deter anyone from climbing over the fence.
  • Shed locked using closed shackle padlock
  • Screws on hinges burred to prevent unscrewing.
  • Install a motion sensor shed/garage alarm which can be purchased at a reasonable cost from most DIY stores.
  • Large items chained down to prevent moving – mowers/bikes etc.
  • Security mark your property or give them a unique mark to make them recognisable to you.  Visit Bike Register or Immobilise for more information.
  • Consider whether it is appropriate to store high value items within outbuildings if they cannot be adequately secured.
  • Any secondary access points should be secured with appropriate standard locks for the type of door.
  • If you have a secondary access point to your garage and no longer use the main door, consider fixing the garage door to the frame at various points.
  • Consider the possibility of installing CCTV as a deterrent.
  • Consider installing security lighting with motion sensors to cover the access and egress points.
  • Place your car close the garage door to prevent access
  • Please ensure you have insurance should such a crime take place.Please report any suspicious activity on 101.

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