New Safety App in Glatton.

We have started to use the ‘Trygve’ app (pronounced “Trigg-veh”). The name stems from the Swedish word ‘Trygg’, which means “safe and secure”.

Trygve helps to create stronger, safer neighbourhoods, through our community working together.  The main aim of using this tool is to deter criminal activity and enhance our village’s security by utilising the best collaborative resources available – each other.

There is a lot more information on the Trygve website but in summary:

  • Trygve allows you to share and receive local incident information (‘events’) directly on to a map or through your group chats. When you want to create an event, you can choose the event location, type, urgency and who can see it (Just Glatton Community or all local users).
  • Events can be ‘acknowledged’, commented on and shared. Together with other Trygve users, you can discuss events, strategize action plans, support people who require assistance or share information with people who may be affected.
  • Trygve’s Personal Safety Alarm has you covered in times when you may feel vulnerable. An alarm can be manually triggered or set to a timer which will automatically trigger if not deactivated, sending an alert to either your selected groups or nearby public Trygve users.
  • Trygve also allows users to post an Emergency event, notifying all community members and nearby users of a problem and we can than react and go to the aid of the person.
  • Trygve DOES NOT replace dialling 999 in an emergency or 101 in a lower priority incident, but it does allow us all to help one another and keep an eye out when suspicious activity is seen.
  • You can also post ‘Lost’ and ‘Found’ events in the app.

Trygve is different to Facebook and other social sites as it will notify users of events as soon as they are published.  So if a user in Glatton sees suspicious behaviour they can quickly tap on the Trygve map and add the ‘event’, all other users in the Glatton Community will be alerted to the issue.  Earlier this week two people were spotted in the garden of a property in Glatton, adding that event to Trygve instantly told everyone else to be vigilant and aware.
Trygve is free to use and works on iOS, Android and in a browser.  Trygve will use a small amount of your data allowance, more details can be found on their website.
Please download the App and sign up to the ‘Glatton Community’ and let’s help each other stay safe.
If you have any questions then please email


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