Diamond Jubilee Walk

Diamond Jubilee Walk

“To start off the Glatton’s Day of Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in the morning of the 2nd June 24 of us, and 4 dogs, set out to walk some of the Parish Boundary.  It was overcast and cool but a dry day, ideal for walking. We started of at 10.30 at the Village Hall, feeling a little guilty as there were many people working hard putting up bunting and flags for the afternoon, then we walked down Sawtry Road to the end of the Village, turned right up a track and past Round Hills Farm up to Sawtry Gorse where we stopped for a breather.
Then we walked on the road towards Lutton and very gratefully we turned right into High Haden Road  and descended into the Village to finish at the Village Hall at 12.30.
To walk all of the Parish boundary would have been too long [19 kms] and full of hazards such as the A1[M], dykes and very thick hedges.  So the walk was about 8 kms.
All along the route Terry Brignall took photographs and we would like to thank him for his work.
While we were away Andrea Mitchell and Bob Widd made certificates for those on the walk as a record of their ‘achievement’.
We are very grateful to Chis Behagg and Martin Elliot for letting us walk over their land.    The walk was led by Ken Clarke who organised a similar walk for the Silver Jubilee.

Ken Clarke.

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