Santa’s Visit to Glatton 2014

The Village Hall Committee had gone to some lengths to dress the Hall for the occasion and it did look pretty impressive.

Santa’s Grotto was better than last year with more “sparkle” to light up both Santa’s and the children’s eyes!  Santa arrived 30 minutes later than planned because he wanted to arrive in the dark and it was still daylight at 4:00pm, his planned arrival time. Not that the children minded a great deal since there were some great games in the Village Hall to keep them occupied and entertained.

To their delight, many children won armfuls of teddies and cuddly toys to add to the present Santa gave them. Doreen Perry won a Lamb Pyjama case (appropriate since Doreen comes from Wales!) and Georgia Anderson won a filled “Rudolph Stocking”.

The “grown ups” enjoyed some delicious mulled wine and possibly the best mince pies of the season baked by Doreen. Roy Knight proceeded to give free putting lessons to Glatton’s Golfing Community! All-in-all, a colourful festive event which Santa very much enjoyed! Thanks to the Village Hall Committee for their time and effort.

Author and Photography: Terry Brignall


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